Therapeutic Exercise

First, we help you with your neck pain, back pain, or muscle aches; then, we can show you how you can prevent such injuries from happening again.

As we often tell our clients, our goal at Nightlight Chiropractic is to get you healed so you can get out of the office. Believe it or not, we’re perfectly fine not seeing our clients come back after we’ve helped them get better. After we help our patients through initial recovery, we often recommend exercises that they can do to maintain optimal health and prevent injuries from occurring again.

But what exactly makes therapeutic exercise any different or better than just exercise?  Well, the American Physical Therapy Association defines it as, “the systematic performance or execution of planned physical movements or activities intended to enable the patient or client to remediate or prevent impairments of body functions and structures…”  And although this may sound vague when talking about it in general, the exercises we condition our patients with and occasionally recommend as homework are anything BUT vague.

Certainly, there are some exercises for spinal muscles and core muscles that we all need just to function in daily life. But our team at Nightlight Chiropractic takes it a step further. After a thorough examination, our Doctors and Licensed Massage Therapists identify patterns related to weakened or overly tight muscles and fascia (the connective tissue that separates muscle groups) that are unique to YOUR condition. Our scope of therapeutic recommendations has run the gambit: from breathing exercises, changing body mechanics during certain activities, neuromuscular reeducation to relearn the proper patterns of motion, or even simple range of motion exercises to be able to move freely again.  Because we treat all types of patients from professional athletes to professional grandmothers, we are experts at coordinating what we think a patient needs to move better with what THEY want from better (and pain-free) movement.

We use a variety of low-tech rehabilitation equipment that lends itself to both our office AND your home.  There’s no need for gym memberships or expensive equipment when we can get the same outcomes using coordinated bodyweight exercises coupled with focused activation of the muscles we aim to retrain.

Most importantly, we use proven programs that are above all SAFE.  This ensures that not only are we moving in a linear path towards the patient getting better but also that they can get back to participating in their lives as quickly as possible without any delays due to “overdoing it.”

So whether it’s peak athletic performance or just having a pain-free day working on your laptop that you’re looking for, our team members can assist you in making the best use of your time with exercise programs dedicated to YOU.

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