At Nightlight Chiropractic, we pride ourselves at giving you great treatments so you don’t have to keep coming back all the time. And we have patients who swear by our work. Here are some of the comments from patients who have come through our office.

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Best Chiropractor in Orlando. Both doctors and all the massage therapists are amazing. The late hours are a life saver, and I love that they just want me to get better and never pressure me for return visits. And last but not least, I trust Nightlight because they are really paying attention. When my son came in because of leg and back pain (after multiple visits to the ER and getting a diagnosis of Sciatica) it was Dr. Merrill that pointed out a problem on the leg X-ray which led to a cancer diagnosis. This isn’t an ordinary Chiro, this is the kind of doctor that can save lives.

Marsha F.


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Before going to Nightlight Chiropractic, I never thought of going to a chiropractor to help reduce aches. My experience here has informed me of how important it is to take care of my back and spine. Not only did Dr. Merrill and his staff provide professional service, but I’ve gained lifelong friendships as well. The entire team is knowledgeable and VERY caring!!

Staci Cox


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The Nightlight experience is what Chiropractic should be. My team and I are on our feet all day in my profession and it’s hard on us. The first time I went to Nightlight, I was skeptical, but I left a believer. Pains that I had been living with were worked out in a few sessions and I felt like a new woman. Now, anytime I can’t shake out the knots or get pinched nerves and headaches, I’m at their office for an adjustment and massage.

Michele Mann


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After 40+ yrs of construction/auto/motorcycle & sports injuries, I know Dr. Merrill & his it is highly skilled team provides the most competent and caring therapy for back, leg & shoulder pain anywhere.

Doug King

I have had nothing but the best experiences at NightLight Chiropractic. The service is great and the staff is excellent. How many people can say they look forward to going to their Dr.’s appointment? Dr. Merrill is very knowledgable and has given me great tips on how to maintain at home between visit’s. The scheduling is awesome as they are flexible and have wonderful office hours and to top that off, the location is great!

Katricia Miller

If you are in need of a Chiropractor this is the place to go. Dr. Merrill and his staff make you feel right at home. They are professional and friendly. They have been great about working around my schedule even when I got off of work late and had to rearrange my appointments. The car accident I was in left me with back pain, and the care I have been given has helped beyond my expectations.

Candi Rounds

I’ve been to other chiropractor’ and seriously, this is the best place I’ve been. I would recommend them to anyone and they actually are there when I get off of work! Dr. Merrill is really cool, caring, and informative, the girls give the best massages EVER.. and they are extremely flexible with my schedule. I couldn’t be happier that I found them!

Andrew Vega

Easy to get to downtown location and love the after work hours of operation! Dr Merrill cares about getting you better and not keeping you as a long term patient.

Lisa Patten

Outstanding Care!! The entire staff is friendly and easy going. I’ve been to 3 different chiros and will stay with Dr. Merrill as long as I’m in Orlando. The appointment times are right when I need them and their tips for my at home care are working. I fully trust Dr. Merrill with my adjustments. Nothing but positive things to say from me.


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