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Keys to Longevity

Keys to Longevity Let’s take some time to talk about a cool topic that’s getting a lot of media attention, which is how to live longer and what you can do to live longer and healthier for as long as you can. We’re going to talk about longevity a little bit. I recommend the book: Lifespan: Why We Age and Why We Don’t Have To, by David Sinclair. As an Orlando chiropractor, it was a fantastic read for me. It might be a little bit much for a lot of other readers unless you absolutely love this subject and you love some of the nitty-gritty biology and science that goes on in the book. It got me into the topic of what’s going on and the research out there. First, we’ll delve into some of the cool longevity stuff that’s cutting edge....

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The Why And How of COVID-19

This blog post is going to be unique because it’s inspired by my sons. I’ve got two small sons, and they’re six and eight. They asked me the other day while they were doing homework at the dining room table, they said, “Dad, how does this work exactly? What is a virus?” So, I started trying to explain to them what a virus was from the ground up. I mean, these guys have no idea because they were under the impression, and I think some of you might be too, that when you’re washing your hands that you’re washing the virus down the sink. So I want to help my readers by explaining how a cell works, how a virus works. You’ll be able to learn how they go together, and here’s why it is so important to do...

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Treating Text Neck in Orlando

Treating Text Neck in Orlando You’ve probably seen the term “Text neck” on the news by now and wondered what all the fuss was about. I’d love to be able to tell you that it’s all hype and it doesn’t matter, but in reality, it does. Losing the curve of your neck is one of the quickest ways to neck and upper back pain. But why? You probably don’t think about it much (and you shouldn’t, I should), but your spine is continuously working against gravity to keep you upright. When your spine is in the correct position, it will be straight as you face toward a mirror looking straight ahead, but when you turn to the side, it’s a different story. Your spine has four distinct curves when you look at it from the side. These curves are actually designed to INCREASE the...

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