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Why chiropractic and massage are better together

Why chiropractic and massage are better together In our many years of operation in downtown Orlando, Nightlife Chiropractic has continued to refine the care we provide patients by looking at the scientific evidence, but also by looking at how our patients respond to care. Although our treatment offerings have changed over the years, the two core therapies that we will always provide are massage therapy and chiropractic adjustments. While each offer considerable benefits on their own, they complement each other to create a comprehensive treatment plan for many injuries or conditions. For us in the industry, this meshing of therapies makes sense, but for many patients and even some doctors, it is often important to highlight why these two are so essential to each other. I’ll keep in short, but here is why. Massage as the warm up act to a good adjustment At our Orlando office, we suggest patients see the massage therapist first to relax the muscles attached to the bones near the joints where we need to restore normal motion. In parts of the spine there may be as many as 20 different muscles attaching to a bone and potentially limiting its motion, so proper preparation is important. Couldn’t we just use more force? Well, yes and no. You see, the art of practicing chiropractic involves using the least amount of force needed to restore normal motion. Sure, using enough force could make almost any joint “pop,” but the outcomes wouldn’t be the same. It’s been my experience that this is also how people determine a good adjustment (or chiropractor) versus a bad one; did the joint move and was it painless. Restoring...

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