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How To Hack Your Sleep to Work for You

How To Hack Your Sleep to Work for You In last month’s blog, Everything You Need to Know About Sleep, we answered some of the sleep-related questions we get here in our Orlando chiropractic office. This month, we’ll get down to brass tacks and analyze some sleep hacks. Sleep Supplements Let’s talk about sleep supplements. Patients always ask me: What can I take to put me to sleep? What’s going to keep me asleep? They are looking for a shortcut. One thing people ask about is CBD versus marijuana. Based on the research, my take on this is that if CBD works for you, take it. It’s probably not affecting your REM sleep. Marijuana, on the other hand, does affect your REM sleep. If you’re taking it before bedtime, it will mess with your sleep long-term, which is very bad for you. Melatonin and 5-HTP are all also...

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