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Understanding the Link Between Circadian Rhythms and Lower Back Pain

Understanding the Link Between Circadian Rhythms and Lower Back Pain Today, we’re delving into the intriguing connection between circadian rhythms and lower back pain. This topic is particularly timely for people who travel between time zones and for all of us who are affected when the time changes due to Daylight Savings time. The Impact of Time Changes Each year, when the time changes, I notice an influx of patients reporting increased fatigue and difficulty adjusting to the new schedule. Personally, I’m no stranger to this struggle; when my routine is disrupted, my sleep quality suffers significantly. Interestingly, this disturbance in our circadian rhythm can also contribute to lower back pain, a common issue we frequently address in our clinic. Redefining Circadian Rhythm First, let’s redefine what circadian rhythm actually means. Many people automatically associate it with sleep cycles and shift work. However, the National Institute of Health offers...

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The Science of Dreams

The Science of Dreams Dreams, safety, and schedules. Those three topics are actually really connected, and if you haven’t ever thought about how those three things might be connected, this blog post is for you. At our downtown Orlando chiropractic office, we often get asked about sleep-related topics like dreams, so we’re here to offer a research-backed perspective on the topic. What Happens When We Dream First, we have to talk about dreams a little bit. A lot of this information will come from the book Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker, Ph.D. It’s a fantastic resource, I highly recommend you read this book. In the past, we’ve discussed the sleep side of things, how important sleep is, and why it’s so important to get sleep, but we haven’t talked about dreams specifically. Basically, when you’re dreaming, your brain moves from NREM sleep,...

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How To Hack Your Sleep to Work for You

How To Hack Your Sleep to Work for You In last month’s blog, Everything You Need to Know About Sleep, we answered some of the sleep-related questions we get here in our Orlando chiropractic office. This month, we’ll get down to brass tacks and analyze some sleep hacks. Sleep Supplements Let’s talk about sleep supplements. Patients always ask me: What can I take to put me to sleep? What’s going to keep me asleep? They are looking for a shortcut. One thing people ask about is CBD versus marijuana. Based on the research, my take on this is that if CBD works for you, take it. It’s probably not affecting your REM sleep. Marijuana, on the other hand, does affect your REM sleep. If you’re taking it before bedtime, it will mess with your sleep long-term, which is very bad for you. Melatonin and 5-HTP are all also...

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