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Dr. Merrill’s Top 5 Fast Facts and Health Hacks

Dr. Merrill’s Top 5 Fast Facts and Health Hacks 1. Pain in the bottom of your heel? If you Google it, you’ll probably come up with plantar fasciitis, but chances are good that you actually have plantar fasciosis and can fix it yourself in about two weeks. All you need is a toe spacer. If you wear it 24/7 (except when in the shower) for two weeks, it will create better blood flow to your heel and may even save you a costly trip to the podiatrist. 2. Ankle pain when running? Have you heard of “lace-locking” your shoes? This will keep your heels snug and secure without crushing your toes. Don’t cinch down too tight though as your ankle needs some room to move while you run. 3. Looking for the perfect breakfast? For more than 100 years, the answer has been eggs. Two hard-boiled eggs have...

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Chiropractic Adjustment Before or After Exercise?

Chiropractic Adjustment Before or After Exercise? A common question we often get is if a patient should get a chiropractic adjustment before they work out or after. Although there are many different types of exercise and different concerns for each individual patient, certain concepts remain the same. What others say Most chiropractors will tell you that exercise after chiropractic adjustment is a better option.  The reason for this is many fold, BUT the simplest explanation is that your body MOVES better after an adjustment.   If you have been having pain then an adjustment can reduce that pain allowing you to perform better during exercise.  Decreased pain along with increased flexibility of the spine helps to decrease the time it takes you to warm up as well as allowing muscles to move through a full range of motion which is very important during exercise. Second, muscles...

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